Leasable plants for your events

Here at Baumkultur, we provide our clients with thousands of suitable plants, as well as dependable transportation options both to and from our glasshouses. Our dedicated Baumkultur team strives for perfection and reliability so that your event can thrive exactly how you envisioned. We truly pride ourselves on the respect we show our clients, partners, suppliers, and various products.

A masterful assortment of flowers, handcrafted for your events

Our team here at Blumenkultur is constantly collaborating, developing, and working on our designs; always ready to bring you a new floral firework of colorful assortments. We pride ourselves on how thorough and individual we can work with our clients; making a basic, factory driven decoration never a possibility. Our stock alone carries various bases, vases, vessels, bowls, pots, candlesticks, candles, etc. allowing both the simple “Dinner for two” or the “Extravagant Ball” to flourish.


Although we no longer see the famous Empress Sissi enjoying her rides from the Hetzendorfer Castle amidst the flowery fields of our Viennese ancestors. We can vividly envision how the previous generations (our ancestors) had worked as "K&K Lust und Ziergärtners" on the royal family property. Which when examined closely, dates back to over 200 years- working directly on their famous palace in Vienna. Making our history with floral decorations truly rooted in a strong sense of beauty and family tradition.
Later, moving into 1997, in what used to be a former 3,500 m² nursery garden became the holding grounds for our beautiful Baum-Blumenkultur warehouse, workshops, and glasshouse. The opening of such a vibrant facility, as well as our first-ever involvement in the “Wiener Börse '' finally established our vision; to specialize in quality event decorations based on our long-rooted family tradition. From there, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop, innovate, and continue our established tradition with creativity and of course, “zeitgeist.” 
We are happy to say that all of the materials and blossoms are taken from local, Austrian sources. Being said, not everything we offer can grow in our current climate. That is why we work very closely with international suppliers from Germany, Italy, Ecuador, and Holland to provide the best possible services. Still making sure that in doing so, we adhere to proper environmentally friendly transport as well as a minute carbon footprint. We also follow strict garbage disposal separation, as well as the recycling of our vessels and cases.  
We value our transport routes thoroughly, therefore all of our selected supply routes from Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Holland abide by the same policy above.    
Within our own glass houses, we pay attention to environmentally conscious fertilization and when applicable, biological pest control. Our decorative pots found in our warehouse are 100% recyclable and reusable.
Since the beginning over 20 years ago our list of customers and evets has gown and reads like a “Who's Who” of the business and event scene. Many regular customers work from the beginning with us, we accompanied them all over europe - from Madrid to Rotterdam, from Paris to Munich. Individual, customer-oriented, professional and sustainable - we work with joy and passion on every project.

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